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Strong Women of the North.

Strong Women of the North.

064  Emma& Mary & Holly grandmother Myrtle Purdy   Myrtle    ( inspiration for our stories) Jim’s grandmother.                    



  116 Susan Johnston,Ozhaquscodaywayquay

  003 Donna, Beverly and Myrtle( inspiration for our stories) Donna is Jim’s mom  

Grandmother Moon Singers


Strong Women of the North    River Lark Mary and Wood Smoke Jim will showcase the incredible women who kept the lights burning and still inspire all of us to reach higher, all you have to do is ask. We carry these stories with us anywhere we are. We are so proud of our Michigan Women in history and the ones we know today. Dedicated to our own strong daughters, Holly, who told us we must tell the stories,  Emma, who made Twilight Walking Tour go from a dream to a reality and Mary, who is one of the bravest ladies we know and Jim’s mother Donna, our very own dark haired dark eyed Selkie and grandmother Myrtle, who showed us love never dies.