Voices in the Mist

Iroquois Point Light House

Voices in the Mist Walking Tour is a ninety minute tour that begins with teachings from a Sault Tribe Elder or music from the Grand Mother Moon Singers.

The visitors can then walk along the Huron boardwalk of St. Ignace with Woodsmoke Jim and Riverlark Mary for the tour known as Voices in the Mist.

This tour was the subject of an article in the St. Ignace Newspaper entitled “Walking Tour Guide Has Fun While Sharing St Ignace History”.

“For much of the tour Mr. Couling tells stories and Mrs. Couling sings folks songs. Mrs. Couling says it just balances well, people like it.

If the singing, laughing and clapping are any indication people do like it.

Mr. Couling’s voice echoed from the back of Douds market when he and Mrs. Couling led the group in a sea shanty. Participants shouted ‘way, hey and up she rises’ back and forth’ in competition.

Mr. Couling said he “wants to involve the audience in the tour – not give lectures. We want them in the tour – not just standing around. We are just kids of all ages.”