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Twilight Tours Traveling Tips

Twilight Tours Traveling Tips

St. Ignace Michigan 

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The Museum of Ojibwa Culture  500 North State Street in St. Ignace

This is a family fun museum, educational with lots of Native American history and art. The gift shop is all Native American made crafts. If you want something beautiful , hand crafted to take home with you, this is your place. River Lark Mary loves the sweet grass items.

Grandmother Moon Singers  come to play their drums and sing Ojibwa songs on occasions. This is our favorite thing about the place, the people, particularly the elders who teach us.


There is a lovely grounds, with a  fountain, fresh water. You might see River Lark Mary sticking her toes in to cool off. It is our wishing fountain.


The award winning  New Clan Park is striking,


thanks to the Director Shriley Sorells.


Fort De Baude 

A very interesting collection. The Newberry Heads are Jim’s favorite thing. Go inside, you will be surprised.

The Mackinac Grille 

We love the scenic view on the patio. We see Mackinac Island and the Wawatum Lighthouse on  Lake Huron.  Quick service and good food. Mary really likes their steak fries & refreshing Coke. Jim loves the good coffee & their fish.  A cute place with train theme, complete with a caboose on the railroad dock.They have a reasonable and wonderful Sunday Buffet.


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The Village Inn WP_20160605_12_45_55_Rich

A unique, yummy place.  We hear they have marvelous chocolate cake .


The Beaches along Highway#2  going west, out of St. Ignace , sand dunes and sand beaches for miles there is a lovely picnic area, just outside town, with grills and a great view of Mackinac Bridge.


The Mackinac Bridge

 Amazing five mile bridge that connects with the mitten or the trolls. She is beautiful, no matter where you view her from.


Vesper Cruises by Arnold Lines. 

Have you ever wanted to go under the bridge and sing praise songs? Watching the sunset on the lakes, always a good time .WP_20160624_14_05_07_Pro

Java Joe’s, The Italian Garden & Jose’s Cantina 

Good eating, all owned by the  same family. Yes, we like them all. Want breakfast? go to Java Joes, crepes are the specialty . Want a family meal? go to the  Italian Garden, spaghetti  and warm bread . Yum! Want Mexican food? Go to the cantina . Just seeing this place will delight you, brightly painted by an artist, Joe’s son,  it has a wonderful patio outside, with a world class view.

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The Mackinac Fudge Shop 

Very good fudge and candy, this is where we buy our fudge and we live up here. The owner is fun and friendly. Try a sea salt deep chocolate turtle,come on, your by Turtle Island  or mint chocolate fudge.


Castle Rock 

What a fun climb for the cost.  The view is magnificent. Been looking for Paul Bunyan and Blue they are located here.WP_20160624_13_50_46_Pro



Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Public Library 

This is where you will find us resting our feet, sitting on the Adirondack chairs, eating fudge, reading a $1.00 book from the book sale at the library. We watch the  Round Island Lighthouse, the waves, boats, kites and seagulls.


The Grand Hotel Gardens. 

A lovely walk through a wooded path way, with many wild flowers and planted flowers on the lawns . It cost nothing, beauty is free, just don’t go up on the porch, that is $10 .00, but you can still eat ice cream up there if you need a break.

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Mission Point Gardens Incredible walk ways with gardens.

 Joann’s Fudge Yum! Yum! our favorite fudge on the island, served by our favorite lady on the island. WP_20160526_18_34_07_Rich

The Butterfly House & Wings of Mackinac 

We love them both, if you have time, do both. The thrill of these little fairy folk lighting on your arm is so amazing! Mesmerizing fun!


Arch Rock 

The walk up is delightful, the view breathtaking. Jim loves the woodland walks all through the island , all the beautiful wild flowers, the children laughing and the clip- clop of the horses feet.

Mary likes seeing all the cyclist on the bicycles built for two and is very fond of Trillium and Forget Me Nots.

If you really want to see the magic of the island, you must get away form the Fudgey Row front street. Remember if you do not by fudge,  however, you are not a Fudgy. Jim is always watching for the fairies and their dwellings.  There is even a fairiy walk on this island


Anne’s Point 

a secret place, way up by the fort, on a cliff.

The Fort 

Go see it at least once. Delightful educational experience for all in the family.

The Horses 

you will see them everywhere and many carriages. There is a carriage museum . It is free. It is close to Wings of Mackinac.

 Iroquois Point & Brimley 

The Beaches of Superior

You will never find any lovelier beaches. Miles of sand to play in, wade into the water, freeze your toes. Be brave, go swimming Find beautiful rocks like only Superior has. These are our very favorite beaches of all.

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Dancing Crane Coffee House 

By now you need a cup of real good coffee and the kids need ice cream. This is your spot. We love it and we love the owners.

Read a book ,relax, play a game, laugh. That is what this place is all about. You may find a treasure to take home in their gift shop .

Point Iroquois Lighthouse 

This beautiful light is fun to explore. There are two little museums, a tower to climb, the most wonderful scenic board walk and sometimes blueberries.

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Old Mission Point 

This is a wonderful scenic out look and a unique cemetery. Worth the drive up .

Sault Sainte Marie 


If you see ********** this is  very favorite of our’s

The Locks**********

The most popular spot in the Soo. We love it because not only can you see the great lakes freighters close up, but there is a wonderful visitor, interpreter center and a lovely garden. The lawns are green and lush, something we don’t often see up here. There are lots of unique, shade trees and a fountain.

Our favorite thing is Music in the Park, summers’s on Wednesday nights. Nothing like sitting out, hearing the Master’s Salute from the ships, watching the  locks in action, listening to good music. Bring your own lawn chair or blanket. Dancing is acceptable. Tips are appreciated. A very family friendly event.

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Shipwreck Museum 

this little gem is right in the locks. It is  the old weather bureau building. Small, but free, informational and has great displays.WP_20160624_12_40_28_Pro (2)

Historic Homes -a hidden gem in the Soo, only a block down from the locks going east on Water street

We love to think about standing where people of history have stood,  like John Johnston, the local fur buyer and his wife, Ojibwa Princess Susan whose name was really Ozhguscodaywayquay, meaning Women of the Green Glade. She was a Native American Chief’s daughter. You will find a statue her that is titled Neengay, meaning Grandmother. She is sitting quietly in the garden with a white fisher beside her, her fathers Native name was White Fisher or Ojeebeg and his totem the owl is on her shoulder. She is picking blueberries. This garden is where her original home would have been, before the Americans burnt it down, destroying Johnston’s fur holdings. Yes, the white house was theirs, their second home here. Inside you will find her wedding gifts.

The next home is Schoolcraft’s. Henry the Indian Agent, writer, explorer and his wife, Susan’s daughter, Jane’s home. Jane was the first Native American ever published. Jane was a poet.  The Sounds of Stars Rushing Through the Sky  is a book you can find with her poetry in it and also her Ojibwa name. 

The next house belonged to Bishop, now Saint Baraga. He called it his palace.He is best known as the Snow Shoe Priest.

The next one is green. It is the Kemp coal dock office, not a home. You will learn of Sault industries here.

Rotary Park

You must drive all the way down Portage to the East ,to get to this park. It is kind of by the Sugar Island Ferry. It has a nice playground and fishing pond for the kids. You will see the ships up close and personal while you watch the ferry go back on forth to the island. Hungry ? No problem! The Clyde’s Drive In is right there, with great drive in foods.

A little harder to get to Sherman Park 

A great place for the family to swim with a nice beach or play volley ball or work out on the playground. A family favorite.  A good place for a cook out, just watch out for the seagulls, they will steal your hamburger of the grill.


The Antlers    

A fun restaurant with many taxidermy animals and literally bells and whistles. Yes, they have good food too. Even our hockey teams eats there.

The Palace Saloon**********

One of our very favorites. Known for their Mexican food. An old classic bar, but suitable for the whole family. River Lark loves their burritos. Very good, refreshing Cokes. Wood Smoke loves the chips and salsa  and the haunted booth. Want to know which one? Ask us!

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Great Greek food .

Karl’s’ Cuisine **********

Fresh Gourmet food is served here. Most from their own gardens or the Farmers Market. Mary love’s their pasties. Don’t leave the U.P. with out a pastie, eh?  Jim loves the lemon white fish. They have great soups.

Penny’s Kitchen

A little off the main thoroughfare, nice, little coffee shop, relaxing and great food.



River Lark goes there for a big frosty mug of root beer.

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Indo China Gardens 

If you are looking for yummy Chinese food , this is it.

Lock View Restaurant 

Looking for good white fish? go here. A fun place, right across from the locks, with a great view of  the lake freighters.WP_20160624_12_45_49_Pro (2)


Sault Realism

a great place, with lovely, local Michigan made art.

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The Alberta House 

a little off the main street of Portage. This is really Michigan art folks . Incredible displays of local art and a nice gift shop. Everything there is made by a local artist.

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Island Books and Crafts***********

A wonderful old building , the shop owner Les Townsend would love to tell you it’s history. This is a charming  book store and craft shop. If you want something marvelous and handcrafted, and oh, so Michigan, to take home with you, visit this store. We love it. There is even a little,cozy place for you to read your books, surrounded by lovely paintings.

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River Stone Gallery 

A marvelous place to buy a unique Michigan made gifts. Lots  of wonderful jewelry

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St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral 

This is an old Catholic church of incredible  beauty. It is the third oldest in the nation. Well worth seeing . There are some Saint Baraga items on display, very local history for you. He was our Snow Shoe Priest.

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 St. James Episcopal Church****************

This is a church of amazing beauty . You will find breathtaking stained glass windows that tell the gospel story, lots of wonderful carvings ,needlework, an organ that is magnificent and still being played, along with a bell tower with great big bells, eleven of them, still being rung by hand. River Lark loves this place.When she enters it she feel like she is walking in a holy place. She loves to sing with this organ and listen  to the bells. She finds each window mesmerizing.WP_20160624_10_22_50_Rich (3)WP_20160624_10_17_53_Rich

The Chippewa County Court House and statues. 

A beautiful building with a clock tower that faces all  four directions and a Lady Justice with her scales. The grounds are pleasant. In front of this building stand two very unique statues given by the Osborn family ,honoring this ancient city Sault  de Sainte Marie or the Falls of the St. Mary’s.  One is Romulus & Remus of Rome, they celebrate the ancient story of a wolf mother and two boys, the beginning of Rome.The other statue is a crane mother and 2 boys, celebrating the ancient Ojibwa legend of how this place came to be.

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The Welcome Center 

A place for information It is a very nice picnic ground, with grills, in the city.




Eastern U.P.

The rest stop going north 6 mile from the Soo. Very nice picnic ground, with grills .

The rest stop going west toward Brevort- maybe 4 miles out of St. Ignace. Great picnic ground, with grills and a breathtaking scenic view.

The rest stop gong south to St. Ignace-  wonderful scenic look out, a picnic area, with grills, in the spring million of trillium .

Tahquamenon Falls  

Breathtaking place both upper and lower falls are well worth a little drive and then a little hike to go see.  Spectacular any time of the year. On your way though Paradise you can stop at the Berry Patch for homemade pie tell Shirley the Walking Tour sent you. For the ladies there is a quilt shop on the corner going out to the falls. Guys there is a fishing shop across the street. Everyone will enjoy a row boat ride for to see the island on the lower falls.




Then drive up to White Fish Point , the Ship Wreck Coast . If you ever have heard of The Edmond Fitzgerald you will want to see her bell. “The searchers all say she’d have made Whitefish Bay if she put 15 more miles behind her.”  There are  many sand dunes, driftwood and a bird sanctuary. You may see a Piping Plover. In season the bird migration is awesome. There is even a platform built for this veiwing.Jim says it is inspiring to see this magical sight. There are buildings to explore which are part of the museum and a nice gift shop

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Okay, don,t forget to call us if you get lost or want to know anything more. We welcome you to the Eastern Upper Peninsula Area and hope that when you leave this magical place you will want to come back soon. We are confident the sand in your shoes will call you back to this place.

Wood Smoke Jim & River Lark Mary

Twilight Walking Tour