Thistle in Time (History Tour)


“Thistle in Time” is a ninety minute stroll through the Sault Locks Park with Woodsmoke Jim and River Lark Mary.

Did you know the Sault Locks were built by the heft and strength of Irish workers? Sault Ste. Marie is Michigan’s oldest city – but before that, it was a home to the people of the FIRST NATION who called themselves Anishinaabe who established this place known then as Bawating – the meeting place.

These are but a few of the stories presented for you, the valued guest, on the “Thistle in Time” Walking Tour.

Tours are done by appointment, minimum party of four people. To book your tour, call (906)-440-5910.



“Woodsmoke Jim is a talented story teller who knows how to construct a story and deliver it in an authentic and memorable way.”

“River Lark Mary’s lovely singing voice and her talents in leading the audience in boisterous song keep the program lively and fun”

“The presenters stories and songs are thoroughly engaging, historically true and presented with both fun and suspense.”

-Virginia Hirsh PHD. Bayfield Heritage Tours.


“A potent combination of history and mystique comes alive on the streets of Sault Ste Maire when Jim Couling leads Twilight Walking Tours. Recapturing the stories of generation past while leading groups of all sizes down historic Water Street”

-5 Days to Remember in the Sault.


“Not only do Jim and Mary dress the part, but they also change accents and postures along the way, occasionally involving the crowd in poetry reading or tapping along with Mary’s singing. Her love of folk music comes through in her choice of songs and she is a delight to listen to”

-Connie Thompson -Porcupine Press