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Twilight Walking Tour

Twilight Walking Tour

2017 Twilight Walking Tour is available for tours by appointment Northern Michigan & The Upper Peninsula.Call for details.We would love to entertain you. Call 906-440-5910 or contact Jim by e-mail



 Twilight Walking Tour is the company for history, mystery, legend and lore in Northern Michigan. For over ten wonderful years Twilight Walking Tours has been proud to share the magic of the Upper Great Lakes Region with their guests. Join us now as we start our new adventure in Traverse City Michigan. Let Wood Smoke Jim and River Lark Mary weave a story for you.


Celebrate your special event or entertain your bus passengers with Twilight Walking Tours–call 1-906-440-5910 or email us at to schedule a private tour.

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a gift to you from River Lark Mary-

Inside Information of the U.P. eh? It will help you plan a U. P.

adventure .